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Team Rules

These are not Requiem rules ... these rules apply specifically to the Midnight Raiders Team:

  • Treat your fellow raiders with respect
  • You are expected to read up and watch the howto videos available on Youtube for each boss prior to starting the raid. This allows the raid to progress much faster and with fewer wipes, meaning more loot and enjoyment for all.
  • Be ready for invites at the appropriate time, meaning you are stocked up on ammo, reagents, pots, flasks and all other consumables. Make sure you are repaired. Preferrably you are at the meeting stone at the time of invite
  • Do not spam general raid chat with irrelevant comments. Focus on the job at hand. There's plenty of time to chitchat before and after raids
  • People make mistakes. Be supportive at all times, even if your repair bill is 30g. You will make mistakes in the future too, and have done in the past
  • Have fun, recruit more people, and let's get into the top 5 ranked guilds on Hellfire!
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